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Korreos – Plataforma De Email Marketing

Simple Email Platform For Personalized Email Automation & Follow-Ups.

Automate your team’s email outreach & follow-ups without looking like a robot.


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Affordable email marketing

Whether you’re building the next big SaaS or a small content blog, Korreos has your email marketing needs covered.

Run campaigns, cadences and drip secuences 24×7 with the Korreos campaign scheduler
Quick-start your drip campaigns with our example campaigns and smart suggestions
Build your template or choose from premade templates for visually appealing campaigns
Construct mockups or production-ready pages in-browser with Visual Composer
Get support round the clock with an account manager on all premium plans
Improve trust with white-labelled domains with DKIM and SPIF authentication

Automate & Customize Email Campaigns

  • A/B Testing for email templates
  • Custom drip campaigns based on recipient activity rules
  • Use multiple email providers like Mailchimp, Sendgrid, etc.

Let's get you started

Start Building great email campaigns

Track every email and draw meaningful campaign insight

  • Track Opens and Clickthrough Rates
  • Automatically Handle Bounce and Auto replies
  • Check analytics for every campaign on a single dashboard

The one-stop Hub for Efficient Marketers

  • Improve conversions with drip campaigns
  • Send emails when your Customers are active
  • Manage Customers and Prospective Customers efficiently

Start sending beautiful email campaigns that drive
opens, clicks, conversion and revenue.

    What Customers are saying about Korreos

    • God I love Korreos! I'm pretty particular about my cold email campaigns and used to manually send out emails to prospective clients, now it's just effortless. Can't imagine using anything else other than Korreos from now on.
      Aaron Ng
      Korreos Customer
    • Korreos has been a lifesaver for our sales team. We have used Korreos to streamline our customer interactions from initial contact, sales to marketing drip campaigns.
      Michael Wright
      Sales and Marketing Manager

    Start improving your Email Open and Conversion Rates